Objectives of the Association

  • To promote the optimal health, nutrition and education of all children by supporting nutritionally adequate and educationally sound, financially accountable, nonprofit child nutrition and school community nutrition programs.
  • To promote high standards for child nutrition and school community nutrition programs with an emphasis on nutritionally adequate meals which are appealing to children.
  • To promote united efforts between school personnel, allied organizations, industry and the public to assure every child an opportunity to receive the benefits of the child nutrition and nutrition education programs.
  • To promote high standards and to provide appropriate educational programs, incentives and recognition for professional development of child nutrition personnel.
  • To promote research and development in child nutrition programs.
  • To promote the establishment of a national nutrition policy and legislation which provide optimal nutrition education for children.
  • To promote the involvement of students and the school community in child nutrition programs.
  • To promote membership and provide services to members.

 Code of Ethics

Members of the School Nutrition Association are committed to the improvement of community-directed quality child nutrition programs.  Members are charged to fulfill an obligation to their association, school, community and related professional groups in achieving common goals.

  • To guide personal conduct by the highest professional standards.
  • To uphold the SNA mission.
  • To embrace continuous learning within the profession and apply this knowledge to improve the quality of the program.
  • To participate in development of pertinent legislation.
  • To promote public support to improve the image of school nutrition programs.
  • To appreciate the value, dignity and differences of all persons.
  • To use the highest ethical standards while conducting business


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